Quality Control Service

P.D.T is a leader in providing quality control services for nearly 20 years, we understand the requirements of the international and domestic markets as well as customer demand. With an experienced QC team, we specialize in testing all kinds of materials and interior products to support our customers, ensure that their products conform to general standards (currently the most popular standard are US and EU standards framework).

P.D.T provides inspection services of interior & exterior products made from various materials (wood, plastic, wicker, metal, fabric…) at every stage of the supply chain: new sourcing, furniture quality control during the production stage and delivery process.

More specifically, we verify the quality, specifications, and the structural safety of your products based on US & EU standards, and other standards including ISO; EN 581; EN 1728; EN 22520, EN 1335; EN 71…

P.D.T provides a variety of testing methods for interior & exterior products as follows:

  • Material & color check
  • Adhesive test on logo
  • Holes, tubular components
  • Fixed gaps check
  • Static loading test
  • Stability test
  • Moisture test
  • Component test
  • Package
  • Drop test
  • Assembly check

In addition, some tests on the interior and exterior furniture require a controlled environment to ensure compliance with applicable safety standards. Our staff will select samples randomly and deliver them to accredited laboratories for testing to ensure that all testing procedures are strictly controlled.

Please contact us for further details.